Welcome to the TsunamiZone in USVI!

Welcome to the TsunamiZone in USVI!

Do you think that a tsunami can only happen somewhere else? The recent increase of earthquakes in the The U.S. Virgin Islands have reminded us the threat can occur at any moment.

Join us and practice how to survive a tsunami in The U.S. Virgin Islands! The USVI, along with the rest of the Caribbean, are located in a region with high levels of vulnerability and threat for tsunamis.

Tsunami Tips

  • Understand the difference between the terms that identify a tsunami hazard: Advisory, Watch, and Warning. Detailed explanation of these terms here
  • Plan to act quickly (Emergency Backpack)
  • If you are in coastal waters and notice a dramatic recession of water from the shoreline, you should heed nature's warning that a tsunami is approaching.
  • Move inland immediately and do not return to the flooded and damaged areas until officials say it is safe to do so.
The 2024 Caribe Wave Tsunami Preparedness Drill is March 21, 2024.Join Us for #CARIBEWAVE

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Tsunami Maps, USVI


VITEMA Youtube Videos

Tsunami Messages

    Different types of tsunami alerts, explained.


Tsunami Safety for Tourists

    Tsunami information for those visiting.


Emergency Backpack Contents

    What you need if you must evacuate quickly.


Children’s Book: “Oh No! A Tsunami!”

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    for how to get a copy.

Cover illustration of the book entitled Oh No! A Tsunami!

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