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TsunamiZone Resources

The materials on this page are available to you or your organization to support your participation in tsunami preparedness activities and to promote awareness and preparedness.

TsunamiZone Media Materials

You can use any of TsunamiZone's promotional and educational
guides, posters, flyers, graphics, and more
to encourage participation
in your tsunami preparedness activities!



Planning Documents and other Educational Materials

Tsunami Preparedness Tsunami Messages
Social Media Messaging, NOAA
Tsunami Safety Website, NOAA
Tsunami Awareness and Safety Fact Sheet, NTHMP
Be Informed: Tsunamis,
NOAA Tsunami Program, NOAA
National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program
Tsunami Walk Guide
Tsunami Safety e-Booklet
Template for Maritime Tsunami Preparedness Activities
Health Effects, CDC
Surviving a Tsunami: Lessons from Chile, Hawaii, and Japan, ITIC/IOC
Caribbean Tsunami Warning Program, NOAA
International Tsunami Information Center, NOAA
Current / Past Tsunami Messages - U.S. Tsunami Warning Centers, NOAA
Definitions: The Different Types of Tsunami Messages, NOAA

Tsunami Science

Tsunami Information Guide, NTHMP
Life of a Tsunami, USGS
Tsunamis: Frequently Asked Questions, NOAA
Tsunami Science and Preparedness, Cal OES
Recovering Hope: A Piece of Tsunami Debris Brings Two Cities Together
"Science on a Sphere" Tsunami Forecast Model Animations, NOAA

State Resources:


MyHazards from Cal OES (click "Tsunami Risk" at top)
Tsunami Inundation Maps
USGS SAFRR Tsunami Scenario
CGS Tsunami Program
Cal OES Tsunami Brochure (PDF)
California Geological Survey Tsunami Information
Cal OES Earthquake and Tsunami Program
Tsunami Walk Guide
Tsunami Talking Points

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