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Coastal Alaska lives with the most serious tsunami risk in the United States. Historically, tsunamis generated by earthquakes in Alaska have caused damage and loss of life along the West Coast and across the Pacific. Here in Alaska, though, tsunamis generated by nearby earthquakes represent “near-field” hazards. In other words, people have minutes rather than hours to reach safety.


What can I do today?

– Be familiar with the tsunami warning signs. A rapid rise or fall in coastal waters and a large earthquake are both signs to an approaching tsunami.

– Know the location of your local evacuation site. Most coastal communities have a designated area on high ground that the community will meet, e.g.: a school.

– Know your community’s warning siren or method of letting people know a tsunami is coming. DO NOT go to the water to watch the tsunami come in!



2024 Alaska Tsunami Preparedness Week is March 26-31!

#TsunamiPrepAK and #TsunamiPrep

Key Resources

NOAA NWS National Tsunami Warning Center Website

Current and past tsunami alerts and definitions as issued by the National Tsunami Warning Center.

Alaska DHSEM Tsunami Website

– Maps showing how tsunamis could affect you

– Educational resources for tsunamis

– Tsunami Awareness information

Alaska Tsunami Brochures



UAF Earthquake Center Tsunami Website

Learn about tsunami mapping projects, including potential flooding and pedestrian evacuation times, as well as historic tsunamis and mitigation projects.

NTHMP Website

National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program website.

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