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Each April is Tsunami Awareness Month in Hawaii! The 2024 theme is “#Get2HIGround #GetTsunamiREady” Join Hawaii residents by finding all the resources you need to learn, promote, and share Tsunami Awareness Month through HawaiiTsunami.org. Be sure to register your tsunami preparedness activities right here on TsunamiZone.org too.

Being right in the middle of the Pacific with earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and other geological activity, tsunamis can affect us here in Hawaii from both local and distant sources. Get to Know Your Zone.

What will you do in your home, organization, or community for tsunami preparedness? Participating is a great way for your family or organization to "know your zone" if you live or work near the ocean (or may visit), and to learn what to do to be safe.

Ten years later, we remember the impacts on Hawaii from the 2011 Japan Earthquake’s tsunami.

Get Tsunami Ready Now!
A fun interactive webinar for kids in Hawaii Schools (Grades 2-8) and other interested groups. To arrange a presentation, email itis.tsunami@noaa.gov.




Events and Resources


- Hawaii Emergency Management Agency

Tsunami Evacuation Zones Maps.


- NOAA NWS Tsunami Warning Centers Website

Current and past tsunami alerts, message definitions.


- HawaiiTsunami.org

Help promote Tsunami Awareness Month!


- NTHMP Website

National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program website.


- International Tsunami Information Center, ITIC

Website for international tsunami events with public education resources.

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