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California’s 2020 Tsunami Preparedness Week is March 23-27. Join us by registering your tsunami preparedness activities!

Special Note:

Many in-person events for California’s Tsunami Preparedness Week (March 23 – 27) such as tsunami walks or public lectures are now cancelled due to public health concerns and recommendations surrounding COVID-19. We understand that seeing our daily lives interrupted is difficult, but that this is also a time of resilience and a test of our strength. Thus, California’s Tsunami Preparedness Week has been adjusted to include only at-home, remote, or online preparedness actions you can take, such as:

1) Review and update your emergency / disaster communications plans

2) Check up on and replenish your emergency / disaster supplies

3) Get to “know your zone” and your tsunami evacuation routes

4) View educational flyers, infographics, and videos about tsunamis

5) Attend an online webinar or other social, digital experience for tsunamis

Remember, many preparedness activities can help for multiple emergencies and disasters. By still choosing one of these activities, you may be better suited for the current situation we are in with COVID-19, and for any future events that may occur.

Be sure to register what you do at, and visit for the best available state tsunami resources.

Stay safe – we’re all in this together!

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Local Resources

“Know Your Zone” means to find out if you
live, work, or travel in a tsunami hazard zone.

Select an area to view resources for that location.

California Resources

1) CalOES MyHazards Tool

Learn more about the risk for tsunamis and other natural hazards (including earthquakes, floods, and fire) in your neighborhood, and how to reduce your risk at MyHazards, a tool provided by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

2) CGS Tsunami Inundation Maps

California tsunami inundation maps show where areas on land can become quickly flooded from a tsunami’s waves. Inundation maps are intended to be used to help people plan how they can get from dangerous areas to safe areas by showing where high, safe ground is located. These maps can be used by anyone to plan a safe evacuation route. You can practice walking out of the tsunami zone to be better prepared for a real tsunami. And you can see recent technical reports on tsunamis here.

3) Preparedness Resources

A collection of tsunami preparedness materials specific to California is listed below. You may want to also access our global resources page for more information.

– California Geological Survey Tsunami Program

– Cal OES Earthquake and Tsunami Program


4) Educational Videos

Tsunamis: Know What to Do!

Tsunami Preparedness in Southern California

Tsunami Preparedness in Central California

Tsunami Preparedness in Northern California

Recovering Hope: A Piece of Tsunami Debris
Brings Two Cities Together

A list of upcoming TsunamiZone events are available on the calendar.

Event organizers: If your activity is open to the public or a potential news venue, please complete our Event Form.

Media Contact:

Brad Alexander, Public Information and Media Relations
California Governor’s Office of
Emergency Services

Phone: (916) 845-8455