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There are 9 businesses registered for the 2024 Tsunami Preparedness Activities in the Martinique area, with a total of 1,254 participants.

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businesses registered in 2024

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Most organizations register on behalf of all their locations. Some locations may also register and are listed beneath their parent organization name. In this case their participants are not added to the overall total (to avoid duplication).

When a location registers but the parent organization does not, the parent organization name is not bold.

OZANAM, Schoelcher, Martinique
CARAIB MOTER, Le Lamentin, Martinique
EDF EN MARTINIQUE, Tous les salariés d\\\'EDF en Martinique, Fort-De-France, Martinique
Formation Conseils Antilles Guyanne, FORT DE FRANCE, Martinique
Martinique Transport
Régie des Transports de Martinique, Prévention Sécurité, Fort-de-France, Martinique
Odyssi, Fort de france, Martinique
Orange Antilles Guyane, MARTINIQUE, Fort De France, Martinique
RIS\'K, Fort De France Cedex, Martinique
SAMAC, Le Lamentin, Martinique