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01/20/2022: Tsunami Survey: Share Your Experience (CGS)
01/20/2022: Tonga faces "unprecedented disaster" as New Zealand warns of further eruptions and tsunami risk (CNN)
01/18/2022: Tonga tsunami: Before and after eruption (BBC)
01/17/2022: Minimal Damage in Southern California After Tsunami Advisory in the West (LA Times)
01/16/2022: Tsunami swell triggered by undersea volcanic eruption damages docks, sets boats adrift in SoCal (ABC7)
01/15/2022: Pacific Tsunami Update: Waves Surge Onto Bay Area Beaches Following Huge Tonga Volcano Blast (CBS SF)
11/05/2021: On World Tsunami Awareness Day 2021, UN calls for increased understanding of threat, risk reduction (Hindustan Times)
11/04/2021: Stay one step ahead of earthquakes (ExBulletin)
10/27/2021: What is the seismic risk of the Cascadia Subduction Zone and earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest? (Clark County Today)
10/27/2021: Don’t Freak Out, ShakeOut (Scoop)
10/24/2021: ShakeOut helps to promote tsunami safety (Times Standard)
10/21/2021: Californians 'Get Ready to ShakeOut' this Thursday, October 21! (PR Newswire)
10/21/2021: Global earthquake safety movement 'ShakeOut' includes more than 30 million participants in 2021 (PR Newswire)
10/21/2021: Is ‘drop, cover and hold on’ the best advice in a major Pacific Northwest earthquake? (The Oregonian)
10/21/2021: ‘Drop, cover, hold on!’ Stanwood kids hear new alarms in quake drill (HeraldNet: Everett, Washington)
10/21/2021: Earthquake ready? It’s the Great Oregon Shakeout (CBS Portland)
10/20/2021: Be ready for a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake: Build your preparedness kit in 24 weeks (Statesman Journal)
10/20/2021: USVI Holding Territorywide Earthquake Drill Thursday Morning (St Thomas Source)
10/20/2021: Coffee Table - Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and You (KBBI)
10/19/2021: Great ShakeOut shows disaster preparedness goes beyond pandemics (The Bulletin)
10/17/2021: Emergency alert systems including tsunami sirens to be activated Thursday (WhatCom-News)
10/17/2021: Drop, cover and hold on! The Great Shakeout is almost here (OC Register)
10/16/2021: Long Beach shakes out next week, ready for next earthquake (Grunion)
10/16/2021: The Great ShakeOut: Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group (RCTWG)
10/15/2021: Volcano Watch: Large Earthquake reminds us to ‘Drop, Cover, and Hold On’ (Big Island Now)
10/14/2021: Sixth Annual Great Clallam County Shakeout set for October 21 (Forks Forum (WA))
10/14/2021: Long Beach Community Stays Prepared with Great ShakeOut (City of Long Beach)
10/14/2021: ShakeOut 2021: Earthquake Awareness Enables Community Preparedness (USGS)
10/13/2021: ShakeOut 2021: Earthquake Awareness Enables Community Preparedness (HS Today)
10/13/2021: Oregon Preps for Great Oregon ShakeOut Drill (The Advocate)
10/13/2021: Tsunami alarm system to sound across the state October 21 (The Northern Light)
10/12/2021: The Great ShakeOut Returns On 10/21 At 10:21am (KXRO News Radio)
10/11/2021: Great Hawaii ShakeOut part of national earthquake readiness drill (KHON2)
10/06/2021: Influence of normal tide and the Great Tsunami as recorded through hourly-resolution micro-analysis of a mussel shell (Nature)
10/01/2021: TsuInfo Newsletter October 2021 (National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program)
09/30/2021: Earthquake Retrofitting Los Angeles Homes: Is It Worth It? (CRMP)
09/29/2021: UCSF Seismic Safety Review Finds Most Buildings Earthquake Resilient (UCSF News)
09/27/2021: Drop, Cover, And Hold; It"s Almost Time For the Great Oregon ShakeOut (KLCC)
09/26/2021: Hawaii Dept of Defense supports emergency response, veterans services, at-risk youth (KITV)
09/24/2021: Earthquake Early Warning System Now Active In Oregon (Oregon Herald)
09/23/2021: MyShake App: Take Cover Before The Ground Shakes (Cal OES News)
09/23/2021: Shake It Up: Local Governments and Earthquake Preparedness (MRSC)
09/22/2021: National Preparedness Month week 4 - teach youth about preparedness (Washington County News)
09/18/2021: How Hope, Fear and Misinformation Led Thousands of Haitians to the U.S. Border (NY Times)
09/15/2021: New Supplementary Retrofit Grants Coming Soon To Underserved Neighborhoods (CRMP)
09/15/2021: WSSPC September 2021 Bulletin (WSSPC)
09/09/2021: Hunger spikes in Haiti following deadly earthquake (United Nations)
09/09/2021: Complex needs of earthquake survivors require continued specialised care (Relief Web)
09/09/2021: ‘I don’t see my mum’: Haiti’s earthquake leaves new generation of orphans (The Guardian)
09/07/2021: Essential Earthquake Safety Tips (Cal OES News)
09/07/2021: IRIS Teachable Moment, M7.0 Mexico Earthquake (09/07/2021) (IRIS)
09/01/2021: How to prepare for a disaster if you live with a disability (LA Times)
08/25/2021: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - August 2021 (WA DNR)
08/25/2021: Can a tsunami happen in Southern California? What should you do about it? (LA Times)
08/25/2021: How to prepare for an earthquake or other disaster on a budget (LA Times)
08/16/2021: IRIS Teachable Moment, M7.2 Haiti Earthquake (08/14/2021) (IRIS)
08/03/2021: CREW August 2021 Newsletter (CREW)
07/30/2021: Improving Earthquake Simulation Modelling That May Save Lives (Intel)
07/16/2021: Order from Chaos: A Statistical Approach to Predicting Tsunami Debris Flow (Design Safe)
07/15/2021: July 2021 NHERI Newsletter (NHERI)
07/07/2021: WSSPC Summer 2021 Newsletter (WSSPC)
07/02/2021: Webinar: Safer Buildings, Stronger Communities: A Road Map to Action for Earthquake Country (EERI)
06/30/2021: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - June 2021 (WA DNR)
06/07/2021: WSSPC June 2021 Bulletin (WSSPC)
05/09/2021: Volume Collapse: Engineering Professor Solves Deep Earthquake Mystery (SciTech Daily)
05/07/2021: What To Pack In An Earthquake Emergency Kit (CBS Sacramento)
05/05/2021: CREW May 2021 Newsletter (CREW)
05/05/2021: WSSPC May 2021 Bulletin (WSSPC)
05/04/2021: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - April 2021 (WA DNR)
04/26/2021: New tsunami maps show how water could reach Seattle, Everett, Tacoma after an earthquake (K5)
04/13/2021: Animated World Map Shows 120 Years Of Earthquakes And Tsunamis (Forbes)
03/31/2021: New tsunami maps show increased risk to Half Moon Bay (Half Moon Bay Review)
03/31/2021: How Cargo Ships Could Help Detect Tsunamis (Wired)
03/22/2021: Where would a major tsunami strike? Malibu, Venice and Long Beach, get ready (LA Times)
03/21/2021: In The Unlikely Event Of A Tsunami, Long Beach Is Getting Prepared (LAist)
03/12/2021: How we can use lessons learned from devastating Japan earthquake, tsunami to make SoCal safer (Eyewitness News)
03/11/2021: Fukushima: Japan mourns victims of earthquake and nuclear disaster ten years on (NBC News)
03/11/2021: Learning from Megadisasters: A Decade of Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake (reliefweb)
03/10/2021: Three stories of hope: 10 years on from Japan"s triple disaster (The Guardian)
03/10/2021: Disaster preparedness is key, 10 years on from Japan quake and tsunami: UN (reliefweb)
03/07/2021: Tsunami scars linger a decade later in Japan (AP News)
03/04/2021: Tsunami Forecast Model Animation: Japan 2011 (Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (YouTube))
03/01/2021: WSSPC March 2021 Bulletin (WSSPC)
02/28/2021: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - February 2021
02/16/2021: ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning Delivery for the Pacific Northwest (USGS)
02/15/2021: Supercomputer-developed AI predicts tsunami flooding in real-time on a PC (New Atlas)
02/11/2021: Ten years on, economic growth is faltering in disaster-hit areas (The Japan Times)
02/09/2021: 50 years ago, the Sylmar earthquake shook L.A., and nothing’s been the same since (Los Angeles Times)
02/09/2021: Fifty Years Ago, the Sylmar Earthquake Jolted Southern California (NBC Los Angeles)
02/08/2021: How the 1971 Sylmar earthquake changed the lives of two first responders (Los Angeles Daily News)
02/04/2021: The Disaster that Helped the Nation Prepare for Future Earthquakes: Remembering San Fernando (USGS)
02/03/2021: Sylmar Earthquake Approaches 50th Anniversary (San Fernando Valley Sun)
02/01/2021: WSSPC February 2021 Bulletin (WSSPC)
01/29/2021: Updated Tsunami Maps Show New Hazards, Will Be Released On 10-Year Remembrance Of Japan Earthquake (Wild Rivers Outpost)
01/29/2021: Who’s Sharing? Inconsistent Eyewitness Accounts Can Affect How We Understand Earthquakes (USGS)
12/29/2020: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - December 2020 (WA DNR)
12/24/2020: ShakeAlertLA Will Stop Sending Earthquake Alerts in 2021, So Now What? (NBC)
11/03/2020: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - October 2020 (NTHMP)
10/15/2020: ‘Drop, cover and hold on’: Great California shakeout sends test alert (MSN)
10/14/2020: Hold Your Own Earthquake Drill on International ShakeOut Day this Thursday, October 15 (Cision)
10/14/2020: More than 6.1 million Californians will practice 'Drop, Cover, and Hold On' through ShakeOut this Thursday, October 15 (Cision)
10/13/2020: Tsunami sirens will activate during ShakeOut (KGMI)
10/13/2020: ShakeOut 2020: Staying Safe When the Ground Starts to Rumble (USGS)
10/08/2020: California Edges Closer To The Big One (Forbes)
10/06/2020: Millions participating in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills, adapting for COVID-19 pandemic (Cision)
09/17/2020: Ocean’s hidden heat measured with earthquake sounds
09/16/2020: Preparing for an earthquake during a pandemic (Temblor)
09/14/2020: Superheated rocks deep underground help explain earthquake patterns (USC News)
09/01/2020: WSSPC September 2020 Bulletin (WSSPC)
09/01/2020: ECA Bay Area Online Workshop (Sept. 10) (ECA)
08/31/2020: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - August 2020 (NTHMP)
08/31/2020: ECA"s Step 3: Organize Disaster Supplies Webinar (Sept. 2) (ECA)
08/13/2020: ECA SoCal Online Workshop (August 26) (ECA)
08/13/2020: ECA"s Step 2: Plan to be Safe Webinar (Aug 19) (ECA)
08/01/2020: WSSPC August 2020 Bulletin (WSSPC)
07/03/2020: July 2020: Ridgecrest Earthquake First Anniversary (ECA)
07/01/2020: WSSPC July 2020 Quarterly Newsletter (WSSPC)
06/24/2020: Deadly 85m-high tsunami has lessons for NZ (Star News)
06/22/2020: Northland"s tsunami sirens confused with fire alarms (NZME)
06/01/2020: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - June 2020 (NTHMP)
06/01/2020: WSSPC June 2020 Bulletin (WSSPC)
05/20/2020: Potential Landslide Could Trigger Destructive Tsunami in Alaska, Scientists Warn (Smithsonian Magazine )
04/17/2020: Pandemic! Earthquake! Aftershocks! A mental and physical health challenge, how you can fight back (ABC4)
04/07/2020: What If A Big Earthquake Hit California Right Now? (LAist)
04/02/2020: WSSPC Spring 2020 Newsletter (WSSPC)
04/01/2020: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - April 2020 (WA DNR)
03/23/2020: Tsunami risk identified near future Indonesian capital (BBC)
03/11/2020: Seismicity of the Earth 1900–2018 (USGS)
03/04/2020: San Diego faces critical earthquake danger from fault long believed to be inactive (The Los Angeles Times)
03/04/2020: San Diego would suffer catastrophic damage if Rose Canyon fault produces 6.9 earthquake (San Diego Union-Tribune)
03/04/2020: Talking San Diego earthquakes (Reader)
02/27/2020: What Will You Do for California"s #TsunamiPrep Week?
02/24/2020: Register for the ECA Workshop in Chino this Wednesday (02/26)! (ECA)
02/12/2020: The Earthquake Country Alliance Promotes Preparedness and Resilience, Including Minimizing Financial Risks, to Californians (BadCredit.org)
01/31/2020: Register: ECA Bay Area Regional Workshop (02/19/2020, Hayward) (ECA)
01/17/2020: Modern search and rescue technology advances (Medium)
01/15/2020: Japan’s Wildlife Is Still Reeling from the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami (Hakai)
01/07/2020: USGS: Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake in Puerto Rico (USGS)
12/18/2019: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - March 2020 (WA DNR)
12/18/2019: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - December 2019 (WA DNR)
11/14/2019: Earthquake Conspiracy Theorists Are Wreaking Havoc During Emergencies (Vice)
11/07/2019: Clusters of small quakes ripple through Ventura (VC Star)
11/06/2019: Lori Dengler: Now’s the best time to prepare for quakes, tsunamis (Times Standard)
11/05/2019: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - November 2019 (WA DNR)
10/21/2019: Record breaking Great California ShakeOut day! (CEA)
10/19/2019: California launches earthquake early warning system 30 years after deadly San Francisco tremor (Washington Post)
10/15/2019: Great ShakeOut – 45 States, Territories at Risk for Earthquakes (American Red Cross)
10/15/2019: World’s largest earthquake drill on 30th anniversary of Loma Prieta quake (CEA)
10/14/2019: Millions Worldwide to Participate in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills (Cision)
10/08/2019: USGS Menlo Park Evening Lecture: Remembering the Loma Prieta Event 30 Years Later (USGS)
10/01/2019: Fields Landing Tsunami Evacuation DRILL Saturday October 12, 2019, 10:00 a.m. (The Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group)
10/01/2019: Did long ago tsunamis lead to mysterious, tropical fungal outbreak in Pacific northwest? (Science Daily)
09/23/2019: The next big effort in AI: keeping L.A.’s water flowing post-earthquake (USC News)
08/28/2019: Ridgecrest earthquakes generate spike in CEA earthquake insurance purchases (CEA)
08/27/2019: Noisy freight trains could help predict California earthquakes (Physics World)
08/21/2019: Researchers explain earthquakes we can’t feel (Stanford University)
08/15/2019: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - August 2019 (NOAA NWS)
07/25/2019: The Most Common States for Earthquakes (And How You Can Stay Safe) (Apartment Guide)
07/12/2019: USGS Continuously Updated Page on M7.1 Earthquake in Southern California (SCEC)
07/11/2019: Searles Valley Earthquake Sequence: What We Know So Far (SCEC)
07/06/2019: 7.1 earthquake causes damage; more significant temblors likely (LA Times)
07/06/2019: Magnitude 7.1 Quake Strikes California: Here"s Everything You Need To Know (Forbes)
07/05/2019: Friday Night"s M7.1: 11 Times More Energy Than Thursday"s M6.4 (SCEC)
07/04/2019: M6.4 Earthquake Hits Near Owens Valley with Ongoing Aftershocks (SCEC)
04/15/2019: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - April 2019 (NOAA NWS)
03/27/2019: Know Your Zone, then Walk the Talk!
03/20/2019: California"s Tsunami Preparedness Week Set for March 25-29 with Record Number of Participants (PR Newswire)
03/16/2019: CARIBE WAVE 2019 and Live Test of V.I. Emergency Notification Systems Are Successful (St Croix Source)
03/14/2019: Lori Dengler: Tsunami week(s), and a casualty of the federal shutdown (Eureka Times-Standard)
03/14/2019: Onamet realizará este jueves un simulacro de tsunami (Candela .com)
03/14/2019: Onamet realizará este jueves un simulacro de tsunami (Diario Libre)
03/14/2019: Meteorología hará este jueves un simulacro de tsunami en RD (pedrobrandnoticia.com)
03/14/2019: A participar de simulacro: Hoy los municipios activan sirenas de aviso de tsunami (La Isla Oeste)
03/14/2019: Onamet realizará este jueves un simulacro de tsunami (noticiasentreamigos.com)
03/14/2019: Completado el simulacro de tsunami Caribe Wave (TelemundoPR.com)
03/14/2019: Comunidad El Maní participa del simulacro Caribe Wave 2019 (La Isla Oeste)
03/14/2019: Caribe Wave 2019 : pour se familiariser avec le risque tsunami - Guadeloupe la 1ère (Saint Pierre & Miquelon)
03/13/2019: Manejo de Emergencias exhorta a participar del Caribe Wave 2019 (La perla del sur)
03/13/2019: Siguen sin confirmar nivel de “jamaqueo” del temblor (Metro Puerto Rico)
03/13/2019: Red Sísmica continúa investigando temblor de ayer - NOTICEL (Tu Camara de Comercio Puerto Rico)
03/13/2019: Aún por confirmar nivel de “jamaqueo” tras terremoto del martes | Periódico Presencia (Presencia PR)
03/13/2019: Caribe Wave 2019, un exercice pour se préparer au risque tsunami (People Bo Kay | Le webzine de chez nous !)
03/13/2019: Estudiarán nivel de “jamaqueo” del terremoto del martes (Metro Puerto Rico)
03/13/2019: Exhortan a participar de simulacro Caribe Wave 2019 (EL VOCERO)
03/12/2019: KUSI News at 6:30PM (KUSI)
03/11/2019: ¡CARIBE WAVE! Puerto Rico (New Forum Topics)
03/08/2019: Red Sísmica invita a registrarse y participar del ejercicio de tsunami Caribe Wave 2019 (La Isla Oeste)
03/07/2019: A una semana para el simulacro de terremoto y tsunami en Puerto Rico (Primera Hora)
03/07/2019: La Red Sísmica celebrará el Caribe Wave 2019 (El Nuevo Día/ The new day)
03/07/2019: Invitan a registrarse y participar simulacro de tsunami (La perla del sur)
03/07/2019: Realizarán simulacro de tsunami “Caribe Wave 2019' (EL VOCERO)
03/07/2019: Red Sísmica y NMEAD hacen llamado a participar del ejercicio de tsunami Caribe Wave 2019 | Periódico Presencia (Presencia PR)
03/07/2019: A participar del Caribe Wave 2019 (EsNoticiaPR.com)
03/06/2019: Integrated Public Alert and Warning System to Conduct Live Test March 14 (St. John Tradewinds)
03/05/2019: San Diego Schools Tsunami Video Contest! (San Diego Metropolitan Magazine)
03/05/2019: Annual Tsunami Warning Test Cancelled This Year Due to Lingering Effects of Government Shutdown (Studio Cataldi)
03/05/2019: NOW Grenada (NOW Grenada)
03/01/2019: VITEMA Shares Ways to Participate in Upcoming CARIBE WAVE Tsunami Warning Exercise (The St. Thomas Source)
02/15/2019: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - February 2019 (NOAA NWS)
02/14/2019: Banner showing 3/11 tsunami height hung at Shibuya’s scramble crossing (NOAA NWS)
02/14/2019: How The December 2018 Tsunami In Indonesia Took Everyone By Surprise Despite Today"s Technology (NOAA NWS)
01/28/2019: Register Now for California"s #TsunamiPrep Week!
12/15/2018: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - December 2018 (NOAA NWS)
10/29/2018: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - October 2018 (NOAA NWS)
10/09/2018: Sign Up for Great Shakeout Earthquake Drill: National Event Allows Individual to Practice Response (FEMA)
10/09/2018: Preparing for the Next Big Earthquake by Eric Preston (Insurance Thought Leadership)
10/04/2018: Lori Dengler: The deadliest earthquake of the year and the North Coast (Eureka Times-Standard)
10/03/2018: The Great California Shakeout Returns Oct 18 at 10:18 a.m. (KFI AM-640)
10/03/2018: The Great California Shakeout (KFMB-TV)
10/03/2018: The 'Great California ShakeOut' prepares CA residents for next big earthquake (KUSI.com)
10/02/2018: Reasons to participate in Great California ShakeOut (fox5sandiego.com)
10/01/2018: Tsunami lessons unlearned (Stuff.co.nz)
09/27/2018: 2018 Great Shake Out (A Blog for the Peninsula CERT Community)
09/26/2018: SHAKEOUT is OCTOBER 18th! Are you registered? (The Beach Cities Breakfast Club – BCBC)
09/24/2018: September"s National Preparedness Month is a Reminder to Join Millions in October"s Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills (SCEC)
09/21/2018: Prepare to survive "The Big One" with the Great California Shakeout (fox5sandiego.com)
09/18/2018: Lessons from Mexico"s earthquake early warning system (Prevention Web)
09/13/2018: Campus Safety Magazine September 2018 Issue (Campus Safety Magazine)
09/11/2018: Californians urge scrutiny of seismic resistance (Design Quarterly)
09/10/2018: Earthquake Preparedness Grants for Schools (EfficientGov)
08/27/2018: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - August 2018 (NTHMP)
08/27/2018: Earthquake Preparedness: Join Campuses Worldwide for the Great ShakeOut Drill (Campus Safety Magazine)
08/27/2018: How USC Integrates the Great ShakeOut Into Its Emergency Management Plan (Campus Safety Magazine)
08/22/2018: Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake 265 KM WNW of Bandon, OR (USGS)
08/06/2018: Indonesia Earthquake: At Least 98 Dead and 20,000 Homeless (New York Times)
08/05/2018: Quake hits Indonesia’s Lombok island; tsunami possible (Miami Herald)
07/26/2018: Big one" coming? Earthquakes off the West Coast could eventually trigger a global event (FOX News)
06/03/2018: How to Pack an Emergency Kit for Any Disaster (nytimes)
04/17/2018: USGS forecasts 400 fires, 20,000 people trapped in elevators, 400,000 homeless in East Bay earthquake (NY Times)
04/17/2018: San Francisco’s Big Seismic Gamble (NY Times)
04/04/2018: Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific Tsunami Science and Preparedness Lecture (Aquarium of the Pacific)
04/04/2018: Lori Dengler: April 1, 1946 tsunami no joke (Eureka Times-Standard)
04/04/2018: Shocking tsunami heights predicted (Chinook Observer)
03/29/2018: Lori Dengler: Grading today"s tsunami test (Eureka Times-Standard)
03/28/2018: Watch a beautiful documentary about Ryuichi Sakamoto’s tsunami-damaged piano (Fact Magazine)
03/27/2018: San Diego Fourth Graders Learn About Tsunami Hazard (San Diego County OES)
03/27/2018: Are You in the Zone? It"s Tsunami Preparedness Week in California! (ECA)
03/26/2018: Big tsunami could flood large swaths of Newport Beach, so the city is preparing (Coastline Pilot)
03/26/2018: Governor Brown Issues Proclamation Declaring Tsunami Preparedness Week (Cal OES)
03/26/2018: Second Annual Tsunami Preparedness Walk and Resource Fair Helps Residents Prepare for Future Disasters (LB Post)
03/26/2018: Seal Beach to participate in 2018 National Tsunami Preparedness Week (Orange County Breeze)
03/26/2018: It’s Tsunami Preparedness Week; here are 8 things to know to stay safe (OC Register)
03/23/2018: Preparing for the potential high tides ahead (Signal Hill Tribune)
03/23/2018: Officials to test tsunami warning system in Central and Southern California during Tsunami Preparedness Week (NOAA)
03/23/2018: Tsunami Warning Communications Test (North Coast): Del Norte, Humboldt, and Mendocino Counties (NOAA)
03/14/2018: Register for the 'Webinar on Tsunamis' This Tuesday!
03/09/2018: Seven Years After Tsunami, Japanese Live Uneasily With Seawalls (nytimes.com)
02/20/2018: Group returns from Japan (triplicate.com)
02/20/2018: Response times key to reducing tsunami deaths (unesco.org)
02/15/2018: Assessing Tsunami Evacuation Preparedness (dailybarometer.com)
01/31/2018: Retrofit Grants Available for California Homes (CEA)
01/30/2018: Cantwell Sounds The Alarm: America Needs Stronger Monitoring Of Natural Hazards (energy.senate.gov)
01/29/2018: Tsunami Drill: School Tsunami Preparedness (myanmarinternationaltv.com)
01/29/2018: Lecture to tell how to camp in house after disaster strikes (peninsuladailynews.com)
01/29/2018: Tsunami awareness (urindependent.com)
01/29/2018: Update: North Island emergency responses put to test during Tsunami Scare (northislandgazette.com)
01/29/2018: Tsunami warning: what_s important, and what_s crucial (aprn.org)
01/27/2018: Emergency Management Experts Encourage San Franciscans to Prepare for Disasters (goldengatexpress.org)
01/24/2018: How to be prepared for a tsunami (bellinghamherald.com)
01/24/2018: What sets this week_s tsunami apart from the 1964 earthquake and tsunami (kmxt.org)
01/23/2018: Tsunami Warning Triggered by Powerful Earthquake Caused Alaskan Residents to Evacuate for Several Hours Overnight (slate.com)
01/23/2018: List: Historic Tsunamis on California"s Coast (nbclosangeles.com)
01/23/2018: Communities pleased with response to BC tsunami threat (news1130.com)
01/23/2018: Kodiak residents wake up to tsunami sirens after earthquake (kmxt.org)
01/23/2018: Earthquake Shakes Alaska and Sends a Shudder of Alarm Along the Coast (New York Times)
01/12/2018: residents near Bolton Fault "live on the edge" (pamplinmedia.com)
01/11/2018: Disaster preparedness talks scheduled (peninsuladailynews.com)
01/11/2018: OSU moving forward with new building in tsunami zone in Newport (kptv.com)
01/11/2018: How to Prepare For and Survive a Tsunami (channel5belize.com)
01/10/2018: Jamaica prepared for earthquake or tsunami - ODPEM (rjrnewsonline.com)
01/04/2018: Strong earthquake wakes up Bay Area (kron4.com)
01/03/2018: Seaside residents warned of nonexistent tsunami (oregonlive.com)
12/19/2017: Be Tsunami prepared: know what to do before, during and after (beforeitsnews.com)
12/13/2017: The M9 Project (Part 1): A History of Large Earthquakes in Cascadia (pnsn.org)
11/29/2017: Hawaii prepares nuclear attack sirens (wwlp.com)
11/28/2017: _Megathrust_ earthquake might hit New Zealand (intravelreport.blogspot.com)
11/28/2017: Surprise: Increased Hurricane Activity During the Younger Dryas (markgelbart.wordpress.com)
11/28/2017: Oregon State University Unveils Marine Studies Design (webcpm.com)
11/28/2017: Climate change, natural disasters (dianaswednesday.com)
11/28/2017: "Megathrust" Earthquake And Tsunami Could Ravage New Zealand (ibtimes.com)
11/25/2017: Risky stalemate as science battles human fear... (dotemirates.com)
11/25/2017: A call for preparedness (sundayobserver.lk)
11/24/2017: Overtopping of Coastal Structures by Tsunami Waves (mdpi.com)
11/24/2017: Israel raises tsunami awareness (preventionweb.net)
11/19/2017: Quake could create micro-islands (king5.com)
10/16/2017: Millions Worldwide Participate In 2017 Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills (SCEC)
10/16/2017: Great California ShakeOut Southern California Primary Media Event – Expo Park in Los Angeles (SCEC)
10/13/2017: Great California ShakeOut Southern California Primary Media Event – Expo Park in Los Angeles (SCEC)
10/13/2017: Great California ShakeOut Bay Area Primary Media Event – Google Offices in Mountain View (SCEC)
10/11/2017: Millions of California Residents to Participate in ShakeOut, the World"s Largest Earthquake Drill (SCEC)
10/10/2017: How Radio and TV Stations Can Support Nationwide Participation in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills (SCEC)
08/02/2017: Seismic Zone Off Alaska Could Trigger Massive Earthquake and Tsunami (livescience.com)
08/01/2017: Mega-tsunami in Greenland caused by landslide not earthquake (Yahoo7) (au.news.yahoo.com)
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03/22/2016: Emergency alert test scheduled for Tsunami Preparedness Week (Santa Monica Daily Press)
03/22/2016: Emergency alert test scheduled for Tsunami Preparedness Week (Santa Monica Daily Press)
03/21/2016: DeFazio kicks off Tsunami Blue Line project (Western World)
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03/21/2016: Governor Brown Issues Proclamation Declaring Tsunami Preparedness Week (California Gov)
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03/18/2016: Former Residents of a Fukushima Ghost Town Return Home in Emotional Photo Series (Feature Shoot)
03/18/2016: Former Residents of a Fukushima Ghost Town Return Home in Emotional Photo Series (Feature Shoot)
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03/17/2016: Natural Disaster Safety Tips! (Still Growing Blog)
03/17/2016: Japanese tsunami debris: It�۪s not the problem California feared (Times Standard News)
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03/09/2016: In Japan, an Incomplete Recovery From the Tsunami (US News & World Report)
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02/19/2016: Seaside students to ask celebrities, politicians: Help move our school from tsunami zone?
02/17/2016: Newswatch 12 at 6:30
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01/28/2016: Quake, tsunami drill tests Coast Guard on coast of northwest Oregon (Register Guard)
01/24/2016: Quileute Tribal School competing for federal funds to move school to higher ground (Peninsula Daily News)
01/24/2016: Quileute Tribal School competing for federal funds to move school to higher ground (Peninsula Daily News)
01/23/2016: Tsunami-vulnerable NW towns grapple with how to save lives (KPIC)
01/23/2016: Big quake could cause $30 billion damage to Oregon (KVAL)
01/18/2016: Don"t panic, change in height of ocean waters near Oregon is normal, weather service says (Oregon Live)
10/17/2015: Tsunami Warning Sirens: Effective Or Obsolete? (Kuow)
10/17/2015: Tsunami Warning Sirens: Effective Or Obsolete? (Kuow)
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08/19/2015: Study: Inland Ventura, Oxnard Area Vulnerable To Earthquake-Generated Tsunami (CBS Los Angeles)
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03/20/2015: CA Geological Survey Releases New Tsunami Guidelines (KGO 810)
03/20/2015: State officials developing precise tsunami plans for Marin, coast counties (Marin Independent Journal (AP))
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03/22/2014: Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific to host tsunami preparedness event (Press-Telegram (AP))
03/22/2014: Want to survive on the North Coast? Know your zone (Times-Standard Online)
03/22/2014: Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific to host tsunami preparedness event (Press-Telegram (AP))
03/21/2014: Crescent City is 1st tsunami-resistant port on West Coast (SFGate)
03/21/2014: Tsunamis remain a threat to Marin much as they did 50 years ago (Marin Independent Journal (AP))
03/21/2014: Vulnerable California Harbors Prepare For Future Tsunamis (CBS San Francisco - CBS Local)
03/21/2014: Crescent City is 1st tsunami-resistant port on West Coast (SFGate)
03/21/2014: California might restrict developments in coastal tsunami zones (Lodi News-Sentinel)
03/21/2014: Tsunamis remain a threat to Marin much as they did 50 years ago (Marin Independent Journal (AP))
03/19/2014: City to hold Tsunami Walk (Huntington Beach Independent)