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07/15/2024: Horror and heroism remembered during Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand (ABC.net)
07/09/2024: On This Day in 1956 Deadly Earthquake and Tsunami Hits Santorini (Greek Reporter)
06/28/2024: Video shows a meteotsunami slamming Lake Michigan amid days of severe weather. Here"s what to know. (CBS News)
06/22/2024: DavOr enhances Tsunami Preparedness with New Early Warning System (Sun Star Davao Digital)
06/19/2024: Here’s how many times Florida has seen tsunamis. Could one strike again? (Click Orlando)
06/18/2024: Revisting the 1957 Aleutian Earthquake: New Insights into Tsunami Hazards for Hawai"i (USGS)
06/16/2024: This part of the US is at highest risk for a devastating tsunami (CNN)
06/09/2024: Earthquake early warning system for Oregon, Washington, & California gets upgrade (KLCC)
06/05/2024: Vital people know tsunami warning signs -Emergency manager (RNZ)
06/05/2024: Sailing in Alaska? Watch Out for Tsunamis (Hakai Magazine)
06/05/2024: Cannon Beach fire officials testing tsunami warning sirens (KGW8)
05/31/2024: New tsunami strategy for Port Anacortes determines risks to the community (Kiro7)
05/30/2024: New tsunami detection safety system to undergo tests (Staradvertiser)
05/30/2024: Taking an ocean vacation this summer? WA has the second-highest tsunami risk in US (The Olympian)
05/30/2024: Washington"s Port of anacortes ramps up tsunami readiness with innovative safety strategy (Hoodline)
05/29/2024: How do Tsunamis form? (BBC Science Focus)
05/29/2024: Life of a Tsunami (USGS)
05/26/2024: Unveiling the World’s First £15,000 Bulletproof Survival Pods – Ride Out Tsunamis & Disasters for Weeks! (Central Recorder)
05/22/2024: Whakatāne residents could have just 25 minutes to escape tsunami (Waikato Times)
05/20/2024: Tsunami Simulation Exercise Santa Cruz (Madiera Island News)
05/17/2024: Biden Administration Provides $30M to Strengthen DART System (GovTech)
04/26/2024: How Underwater Telecom Cables Could Help Detect Tsunamis (Science Friday)
04/25/2024: How do tsunamis form? (DW.com)
04/24/2024: Geo explainer: How are tsunamis detected? (Geographical)
04/24/2024: Sea level rise could make tsunamis more destructive. Is Hawaiʻi prepared? (Hawai'i Public Radio)
04/23/2024: April is Tsunami Awareness Month. Here’s how to prepare (Hawaii News Now)
04/23/2024: New Tsunami video "has it all in one place" (Hawaii News)
04/19/2024: Tsunamis can happen anytime, are you ready (Khon 2)
04/15/2024: Island communities highlight tsunami escape routes with high-ground hikes (Times Colonist)
04/12/2024: Saanich wants residents to get ready for the big wave (Saanich News)
04/03/2024: Gov. Green proclaims April as Tsunami Awareness Month (Spectrum News)
04/01/2024: April is a reminder for tsunami vigilance: emergency managers, survivor recount deadly event 78 years ago (Maui News)
04/01/2024: April is Tsunami Awareness Month in Hawai"i (Maui News)
03/29/2024: No April Fools - Awareness, Education, and Action is the Focus of Tsunami Month in Hawaii (Hawaii.gov)
03/28/2024: NEMA Utilises Drones in Caribe Wave Exercise For the First Time (The Labour Spokesman)
03/27/2024: How Santa Monicans Can Prepare for a Tsunami (Santa Monica Lookout)
03/27/2024: Tsunami Preparedness Week: Know the risks to your home, neighborhood, favorite beach (Santa Maria Times)
03/26/2024: It"s Tsunami Preparedness Week: How you can prepare for a potential tsunami (KSBY News)
03/25/2024: Tsunami Preparedness Week: Safety and Awareness (Cal OES News)
03/24/2024: Tsunami Preparedness Week (Government of Alaska)
03/24/2024: Airplanes, sirens, radios and TVs will broadcast a tsunami warning test on Wednesday (The Mendocino Voice)
03/24/2024: Bermuda Participates In ‘Caribe Wave 24′ (Bernews)
03/23/2024: National tsunami drill deemed a success (Observer)
03/22/2024: Despite minor hiccups, successful Caribe Wave exercise highlights tsunami readiness in A&B (Observer)
03/22/2024: UNESCO recognizes Büyükçekmece as first “Tsunami Ready” community of Türkiye (UNESCO)
03/22/2024: Tsunami Drills Coming Up (Redheaded Blackbelt)
03/21/2024: Tsunami Preparedness Week aims to educate Alaskans about natural hazard (Alaska News Source)
03/21/2024: HMCI testing systems in UNESCO tsunami drill (Cayman News Service)
03/20/2024: Caribe Wave 2024 Tsunami Exercise to Take Place Thursday (The St.Thomas Source )
03/20/2024: The Science Behind Waves, Storms, Tsunamis And Their Prediction: NIOT Scientist Explains (ETV Bharat)
03/20/2024: St. Vincent enchances Tsunami Preparedness with standard procedures workshop (St. Vincent Times)
03/20/2024: Grenada joins Caribbean and adjacent regions for Caribe Wave 24 (Loop News)
03/20/2024: Significant Earthquake & Tsunami Drill Expected on March 21 (WeatherBoy)
03/19/2024: New detection method aims to warn of landslide tsunamis (Local First Media Group )
03/14/2024: EMA Prepare To Participate In Caribbean Tsuami Exercise (Caribe Wave) On March 21, 2024 (St. Kitts & Nevis Observer)
03/11/2024: 13 years after Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan remembers the dead and vows to keep rebuilding (AP News)
03/07/2024: Countries across Asia-Pacific continue to benefit from the lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Here’s how. (UNDP)
03/07/2024: 3 Years Since the Great East Japan Earthquake / Car Use Reconsidered in Tsunami Evacuation Plans; Traffic Jams Are Deadly, But Some Cannot Flee on Foot (The Japan News)
03/06/2024: 13 Years Since the Great East Japan Earthquake / 2011 Quake Survivors Aging in Reconstruction Housing; New Communities Did Not Take Deep Root (The Japan News)
02/26/2024: CoastWAVE Project Partners and Stakeholders Take Stock of Key Project Achievements and Discuss the Implementation of Tsunami Ready Programme in the North-East Atlantic & Mediterranean (UNESCO)
02/23/2024: Public lands commissioner advocates for more tsunami prep funding to protect coastal cities (King 5)
02/21/2024: Caribe Wave Tsunami Exercise to take place on March 21 (Observer)
02/21/2024: New detection method aims to warn of landslide tsunamis (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
01/09/2024: 3-meter tsunami reached nuclear plant after powerful Japan quake (Kyodo News)
11/06/2023: How business can contribute to tsunami preparedness: Examples from Fiji, Haiti, and Sri Lanka (UNDRR)
11/05/2023: World Tsunami Awareness Day: Know How Odisha became 1st Indian State to get Tsunami ready recognition (Odishatv.in)
11/05/2023: How to survive a tsunami: Five tips that could save your life (1News)
11/05/2023: World Tsunami Awareness Day 2023: History, Significance, and All You Need to Know (News 18)
11/03/2023: World Tsunami Awareness Day: reminder of a deadly phenomenon (Inquirer.Net)
11/03/2023: World Tsunami Awareness Day on Nov. 5: Here"s how to be part of it (Pacific Daily News)
11/03/2023: UNESCO and partners celebrate World Tsunami Awareness Day 2023 with #GetToHighGround campaign (UNESCO)
11/03/2023: Tonga strengthens early warnings on World Tsunami Awareness Day (UNDRR)
10/22/2023: WA’s new tsunami maps show how long it would take to walk to safety (The Seattle Times)
08/17/2023: Study shows tides and earthquakes could create tsunami inundating parts of Anchorage (Alaska Beacon)
08/16/2023: ‘Folks in Alaska should take this seriously.’ Anchorage not safe from tsunamis, study finds (Science)
08/08/2023: UNITAR Women’s Leadership in Tsunami-based Disaster Risk Reduction Training Programme for World Tsunami Awareness Day 2023 (UNDRR)
08/01/2023: California"s winter waves may be increasing under climate change (ScienceDaily)
07/12/2023: Tsunami drill prepares Oregon coast in event of ‘The Big One’ (Daily Barometer)
07/11/2023: Discovery of ancient tsunami along Israel’s coast could help predict impact of future disasters (YNet News)
06/22/2023: Community resilience from earthquakes and tsunamis (Eurekalert)
06/13/2023: Warning that Spain’s tourism coast would have ‘just an hour’ to prepare for a tsunami (Express UK)
06/07/2023: How an earthquake becomes a tsunami (Phys)
05/19/2023: Tsunami Warnings Issued for Pacific Island Nations After Quake (The New York Times)
05/19/2023: Terremoto de magnitud 7.7 provoca tsunami en las islas del Pacífico Sur (Telemundo 47)
05/11/2023: Alaska National Guard Conducts Earthquake, Tsunami Exercise (National Guard)
04/25/2023: Using AI, researchers have created a new tsunami warning system (USA Today)
04/06/2023: Volcano Watch – April is Tusnami Awareness Month in Hawaii (USGS Communications)
04/04/2023: Tsunami warning after earthquake struck off eastern Philippines (Al Jazeera)
04/02/2023: Back In Time: North Coast hit by tsunami in 1964 remembered (Del Norte Triplicate)
03/14/2023: Submarine sleuthing exposes cause of 1918 Puerto Rico tsunami (Temblor)
02/17/2023: Mini-tsunami hit Cyprus after killer quake (Financial Mirror)
02/17/2023: Mini-tsunami hit Cyprus after killer quake (Financial Mirror)
02/05/2023: Italy withdraws tsunami warning after Turkey, Syria earthquake (Reuters)
01/27/2023: Tonga – On the frontline of sea level rise (The Commonwealth)
01/26/2023: 9.0 quake rocked the Pacific Coast 323 years ago and sent an "orphan tsunami" to Japan (Fox Weather)
01/26/2023: Earthquake: Lessons from the massive coast quake Jan. 26, 1700 (The NewsGuard)
01/16/2023: 6.2-magnitude earthquake hits Indonesian coast: USGS (The Print)
01/11/2023: Tsunami and the task of educating the public (The Island)
01/09/2023: Maluku earthquake: why do some ocean earthquakes cause tsunamis while others don’t? (The Conversation)
01/09/2023: No tsunami after 7.6 Indonesian quake (Bungog Chronicle)
01/08/2023: Strong Quake Hits Vanuatu, Triggering Tsunami Warning (Bloomberg)
01/04/2023: Devastating Puerto Rico 1918 Tsunami Wasn"t Caused by a Landslide (Technology Networks)
01/03/2023: Tsunami preparedness within Sri Lanka’s Education System (The Island Online)
12/30/2022: Explainer: How Australia is protected against tsunami threat (9News)
12/28/2022: AI cuts tsunami impact prediction time to fractions of second in Japan (The Independent)
12/26/2022: 2004 Tsunami: 18 years of devastating event, people pay tearful homage to victims (WION)
12/22/2022: How does an earthquake in the ocean cause a tsunami? (KRON4)
12/16/2022: No tsunami after 4.0 earthquake in waters off of Hāna, Maui (Maui Now)
12/14/2022: What is a megatsunami? (Surfer Today)
12/13/2022: Tsunami warning systems improved using signals from Earth’s ionosphere (Innovation News Network)
12/10/2022: Lori Dengler | Fantastical tsunamis (Times Standard)
12/09/2022: The biggest tsunamis in history (Interesting Engineering)
12/04/2022: Magnitude 4.6 earthquake jolts Samar, Philippines (Cebu Daily News)
12/04/2022: American Samoa tsunami warning lifted after 6.7 quake (Reuters)
12/04/2022: Magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes off Tonga, tsunami warning cancelled (7News Australia)
12/03/2022: Japan monitoring possible tsunami risk from Indonesia volcano - NHK (Reuters)
12/01/2022: Rapid response to earthquake in Solomon Islands (Australian Government Defense)
11/30/2022: The need for early warning systems that can cover everyone (Innovation News Network)
11/29/2022: 4.0-magnitude earthquake strikes near Pahala coast; no tsunami threat (Hawaii News Now)
11/28/2022: Lisbon installs a tsunami warning system (The Mayor)
11/28/2022: Mauna Loa volcano warning issued as eruption begins at Moku‘āweoweo summit (Maui Now)
11/28/2022: Dozens of earthquakes swarm Hawaii as the world"s largest volcano erupts (Live Science)
11/22/2022: Magnitude 6.2 earthquake off Baja California shakes parts of San Diego County (The San Diego Union Tribune)
11/21/2022: Exploring the deep: Drones offer new ways to monitor sea floor (Science Daily)
11/21/2022: Tsunami Warning Issued for Solomon Islands After Magnitude 7.0 Quake (Bloomberg)
11/21/2022: No tsunami threat to Hawaii after 7.3-magnitude quake off Solomon Islands (Hawaii News Now)
11/21/2022: Buildings damaged but no tsunami warning for Solomon Islands after 7.0 earthquake (Reuters)
11/17/2022: Caribbean: A magnitude-5.0 offshore earthquake occurs in the Mona Passage between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico Nov. 17 (Crisis24)
11/15/2022: Earthquake of magnitude 6 strikes southwest of Indonesia"s Sumatra -EMSC (Reuters)
11/14/2022: M6.1 earthquake strikes off southeast Mie Prefecture, Japan (CGTN)
11/14/2022: Atos delivers EuroHPC Leonardo supercomputer, ranked 4th among the world’s most powerful supercomputers (GlobeNewsWire)
11/11/2022: Tsunami warning downgraded after large earthquake near Tonga (CNN)
11/05/2022: Lori Dengler | World Tsunami Awareness Day 2022 raises awareness (Times Standard)
11/05/2022: 8.3 temblor with tsunami scenario in Philippines-wide drills (The Manila Times)
11/04/2022: Looking to the Sky for Better Tsunami Warnings (EOS)
11/04/2022: Tips and tricks Guam needs to know to be tsunami-ready (KUAM News)
11/03/2022: Lifting the fog: Preparing for the ‘big one’ (The Seattle Times)
10/31/2022: 34-meter tsunami may hit Indonesia in mega quake: research (The Jakarta Pot)
10/30/2022: Japan’s “Tsunami Stones” Have Been Warning Residents of the Dangers of Earthquakes for Centuries (My Modern Met)
10/28/2022: Here’s How Earthquakes Cause Tsunamis (Discover)
10/20/2022: Update: No tsunami threat to Hawaiʻi following 6.8 earthquake south of Panama (Maui Now)
10/14/2022: Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes New Ireland Region - EMSC (Reuters)
10/12/2022: 65 earthquakes at Mauna Loa in the past 24 hours (KHON)
10/11/2022: Where Is Your House on New San Diego Tsunami Map? (NBC San Diego)
10/10/2022: New tsunami hazard maps highlight threat facing seven California counties — even Napa (Los Angeles Times)
10/10/2022: DesignSafe Award-Winning Dataset to Enable Better Tsunami Modeling (HPCWire)
10/09/2022: Huge displaced boulders attest to an epic tsunami in Wakayama (Asahi Shimbun)
10/07/2022: Quake study is a reminder be prepared (Santa Monica Daily Press)
09/24/2022: Earthquake Swarm Underway at World’s Largest Active Volcano; USGS Issues Update (Weatherboy)
09/23/2022: Palos Verdes fault running along coast of LA, OC could trigger devastating earthquake (CBS)
09/23/2022: Mexico earthquake partially reloads fault that ruptured in devastating 1985 shock (Temblor)
09/22/2022: Deepest Scientific Ocean Drilling Sheds Light on Japan’s Next Great Earthquake (UT Austin News)
09/21/2022: Taiwan Marks Deadly but Seminal 1999 Earthquake (VOA News)
09/19/2022: Tsunami threat passes following powerful earthquake in Mexico (CNN)
09/18/2022: Powerful Earthquake Hits Southeast Taiwan, Tsunami Warning Issued (VOA News)
09/18/2022: Strong 6.9-magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan, triggers tsunami warning (NBC News)
09/16/2022: Update: 3.8 earthquake centered in waters off of Maui County (Maui Now)
09/14/2022: Earthquake of magnitude 7 hits southeast of Loyalty Islands - GFZ (Reuters)
09/14/2022: The Tonga Eruption Produced a 90-Meter Tsunami (Universe Today)
09/13/2022: Disaster Preparedness: Earthquakes and Tsunamis the Top Concern for Japanese Homeowners (Nippon)
09/12/2022: Deaths from Papua New Guinea earthquake rise to seven, police say (Reuters)
09/12/2022: Dozens of Earthquakes Rattle Puerto Rico; No Tsunami Threat For Now (Weatherboy)
09/11/2022: Massive 7.6 earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea (CNN)
09/07/2022: Coast Guard: Additional Actions Needed to Improve Tsunami Emergency Planning in the Pacific Northwest (US Government Accountability Office)
09/05/2022: Can solar storms cause tsunamis? (Live Science)
08/31/2022: Tonga eruption may have produced Statue of Liberty-engulfing tsunami: Report (Washington Examiner)
08/29/2022: Strong earthquake shakes western Indonesia, causes panic (Al Jazeera)
08/15/2022: New Research: Framework for modeling post-earthquake infrastructure resilience (Del Norte Triplicate)
08/15/2022: How West Coast residents should prepare for the threat of a tsunami (Yahoo News)
07/22/2022: A massive tsunami destroyed the Spanish city of Seville in the 3rd century, new study finds (El Pais)
07/21/2022: Fujitsu develops an app for tsunami prediction system (ElectroPages)
07/19/2022: Shockwave caused by Tonga underwater eruption may help scientists predict future tsunami (Science Daily)
07/18/2022: New models show tsunami"s effects on Kitsap after Seattle Fault quake (Kitsap Sun)
07/18/2022: OSU researches use 3D modeling to analyze earthquake risks (KGW8)
07/09/2022: Eastern Caribbean rocked by early morning earthquake (Caribbean Loop News)
07/08/2022: California Geological Survey releases new Tsunami Hazard Area map for Seal Beach (OC Breeze)
07/07/2022: Tsunami plan in Thai province after ‘abnormal’ Andaman Sea earthquakes (Asia News Network)
07/06/2022: New Zealand tsunami database details history of monster waves and lost settlements (NZ Herald)
07/06/2022: Earthquakes at Andaman Island will not cause tsunami in Msia (New Straits Times)
07/06/2022: Officials assure Phuket is prepared for tsunami warning (Phuket News)
07/05/2022: Andaman Sea tremors draw attention to the lack of tsunami warning buoys (The Thaiger)
06/30/2022: A landslide, tsunami and then a flood: the massive hazard cascade that shook the world (Temblor)
06/27/2022: Underwater volcanoes pose hidden tsunami risk in Italy. Are we prepared? (Euronews)
06/25/2022: UNESCO warns Istanbul of tsunami (Hurriyet Daily News)
06/23/2022: Marseille, Alexandria and Istanbul prepare for Mediterranean tsunami (The Guardian)
06/15/2022: The Mechanism That Unleashed Tonga"s Record-Breaking Tsunami Has Been Identified (Science Alert)
06/13/2022: Megathrust earthquakes impact surrounding seismicity for centuries (Temblor)
06/13/2022: Scientists provide explanation for exceptional Tonga tsunami (Phys.org)
06/09/2022: Study says worst-case Northwest tsunami risk is underestimated (MyNorthwest)
06/09/2022: Research voyage maps tsunami risk, submarine landslides and ocean canyons along east coast (ABC)
06/07/2022: A mega-tsunami in the Pacific north-west? It could be worse than predicted, study says (The Guardian)
05/31/2022: Tsunami threats are greatly underestimated in current models, new research shows (same as the one published by The Guardian, but this might have more traction than the former) (USC Dornsife News)
05/20/2022: Hidden magnitude-8.2 earthquake source of mysterious 2021 global tsunami (Science Daily)
05/19/2022: Deep-sea internet cables could help sense distant earthquake rumbles (PopSci)
04/13/2022: Coastal boulders constrain prehistoric tsunamis (Temblor)
03/01/2022: Shallow waters trap “silent” tsunamis from volcanic landslides (Temblor)
02/14/2022: An earlier tsunami warning could save lives. New data say it’s possible (Temblor)
02/11/2022: Invisible" earthquake caused mysterious 2021 tsunami, scientists find (Live Science)
01/20/2022: Tsunami Survey: Share Your Experience (CGS)
01/20/2022: Tonga faces "unprecedented disaster" as New Zealand warns of further eruptions and tsunami risk (CNN)
01/18/2022: Tonga tsunami: Before and after eruption (BBC)
01/17/2022: Minimal Damage in Southern California After Tsunami Advisory in the West (LA Times)
01/16/2022: Tsunami swell triggered by undersea volcanic eruption damages docks, sets boats adrift in SoCal (ABC7)
01/15/2022: Pacific Tsunami Update: Waves Surge Onto Bay Area Beaches Following Huge Tonga Volcano Blast (CBS SF)
11/05/2021: On World Tsunami Awareness Day 2021, UN calls for increased understanding of threat, risk reduction (Hindustan Times)
11/04/2021: Stay one step ahead of earthquakes (ExBulletin)
10/27/2021: What is the seismic risk of the Cascadia Subduction Zone and earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest? (Clark County Today)
10/27/2021: Don’t Freak Out, ShakeOut (Scoop)
10/24/2021: ShakeOut helps to promote tsunami safety (Times Standard)
10/21/2021: Californians 'Get Ready to ShakeOut' this Thursday, October 21! (PR Newswire)
10/21/2021: Global earthquake safety movement 'ShakeOut' includes more than 30 million participants in 2021 (PR Newswire)
10/21/2021: Is ‘drop, cover and hold on’ the best advice in a major Pacific Northwest earthquake? (The Oregonian)
10/21/2021: ‘Drop, cover, hold on!’ Stanwood kids hear new alarms in quake drill (HeraldNet: Everett, Washington)
10/21/2021: Earthquake ready? It’s the Great Oregon Shakeout (CBS Portland)
10/20/2021: Be ready for a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake: Build your preparedness kit in 24 weeks (Statesman Journal)
10/20/2021: USVI Holding Territorywide Earthquake Drill Thursday Morning (St Thomas Source)
10/20/2021: Coffee Table - Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and You (KBBI)
10/19/2021: Great ShakeOut shows disaster preparedness goes beyond pandemics (The Bulletin)
10/17/2021: Emergency alert systems including tsunami sirens to be activated Thursday (WhatCom-News)
10/17/2021: Drop, cover and hold on! The Great Shakeout is almost here (OC Register)
10/16/2021: Long Beach shakes out next week, ready for next earthquake (Grunion)
10/16/2021: The Great ShakeOut: Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group (RCTWG)
10/15/2021: Volcano Watch: Large Earthquake reminds us to ‘Drop, Cover, and Hold On’ (Big Island Now)
10/14/2021: Sixth Annual Great Clallam County Shakeout set for October 21 (Forks Forum (WA))
10/14/2021: Long Beach Community Stays Prepared with Great ShakeOut (City of Long Beach)
10/14/2021: ShakeOut 2021: Earthquake Awareness Enables Community Preparedness (USGS)
10/13/2021: ShakeOut 2021: Earthquake Awareness Enables Community Preparedness (HS Today)
10/13/2021: Oregon Preps for Great Oregon ShakeOut Drill (The Advocate)
10/13/2021: Tsunami alarm system to sound across the state October 21 (The Northern Light)
10/12/2021: The Great ShakeOut Returns On 10/21 At 10:21am (KXRO News Radio)
10/11/2021: Great Hawaii ShakeOut part of national earthquake readiness drill (KHON2)
10/06/2021: Influence of normal tide and the Great Tsunami as recorded through hourly-resolution micro-analysis of a mussel shell (Nature)
10/01/2021: TsuInfo Newsletter October 2021 (National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program)
09/30/2021: Earthquake Retrofitting Los Angeles Homes: Is It Worth It? (CRMP)
09/29/2021: UCSF Seismic Safety Review Finds Most Buildings Earthquake Resilient (UCSF News)
09/27/2021: Drop, Cover, And Hold; It"s Almost Time For the Great Oregon ShakeOut (KLCC)
09/26/2021: Hawaii Dept of Defense supports emergency response, veterans services, at-risk youth (KITV)
09/24/2021: Earthquake Early Warning System Now Active In Oregon (Oregon Herald)
09/23/2021: MyShake App: Take Cover Before The Ground Shakes (Cal OES News)
09/23/2021: Shake It Up: Local Governments and Earthquake Preparedness (MRSC)
09/22/2021: National Preparedness Month week 4 - teach youth about preparedness (Washington County News)
09/18/2021: How Hope, Fear and Misinformation Led Thousands of Haitians to the U.S. Border (NY Times)
09/15/2021: New Supplementary Retrofit Grants Coming Soon To Underserved Neighborhoods (CRMP)
09/15/2021: WSSPC September 2021 Bulletin (WSSPC)
09/09/2021: Hunger spikes in Haiti following deadly earthquake (United Nations)
09/09/2021: Complex needs of earthquake survivors require continued specialised care (Relief Web)
09/09/2021: ‘I don’t see my mum’: Haiti’s earthquake leaves new generation of orphans (The Guardian)
09/07/2021: Essential Earthquake Safety Tips (Cal OES News)
09/07/2021: IRIS Teachable Moment, M7.0 Mexico Earthquake (09/07/2021) (IRIS)
09/01/2021: How to prepare for a disaster if you live with a disability (LA Times)
08/25/2021: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - August 2021 (WA DNR)
08/25/2021: Can a tsunami happen in Southern California? What should you do about it? (LA Times)
08/25/2021: How to prepare for an earthquake or other disaster on a budget (LA Times)
08/16/2021: IRIS Teachable Moment, M7.2 Haiti Earthquake (08/14/2021) (IRIS)
08/03/2021: CREW August 2021 Newsletter (CREW)
07/30/2021: Improving Earthquake Simulation Modelling That May Save Lives (Intel)
07/16/2021: Order from Chaos: A Statistical Approach to Predicting Tsunami Debris Flow (Design Safe)
07/15/2021: July 2021 NHERI Newsletter (NHERI)
07/07/2021: WSSPC Summer 2021 Newsletter (WSSPC)
07/02/2021: Webinar: Safer Buildings, Stronger Communities: A Road Map to Action for Earthquake Country (EERI)
06/30/2021: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - June 2021 (WA DNR)
06/07/2021: WSSPC June 2021 Bulletin (WSSPC)
05/09/2021: Volume Collapse: Engineering Professor Solves Deep Earthquake Mystery (SciTech Daily)
05/07/2021: What To Pack In An Earthquake Emergency Kit (CBS Sacramento)
05/05/2021: CREW May 2021 Newsletter (CREW)
05/05/2021: WSSPC May 2021 Bulletin (WSSPC)
05/04/2021: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - April 2021 (WA DNR)
04/26/2021: New tsunami maps show how water could reach Seattle, Everett, Tacoma after an earthquake (K5)
04/13/2021: Animated World Map Shows 120 Years Of Earthquakes And Tsunamis (Forbes)
03/31/2021: New tsunami maps show increased risk to Half Moon Bay (Half Moon Bay Review)
03/31/2021: How Cargo Ships Could Help Detect Tsunamis (Wired)
03/22/2021: Where would a major tsunami strike? Malibu, Venice and Long Beach, get ready (LA Times)
03/21/2021: In The Unlikely Event Of A Tsunami, Long Beach Is Getting Prepared (LAist)
03/12/2021: How we can use lessons learned from devastating Japan earthquake, tsunami to make SoCal safer (Eyewitness News)
03/11/2021: Fukushima: Japan mourns victims of earthquake and nuclear disaster ten years on (NBC News)
03/11/2021: Learning from Megadisasters: A Decade of Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake (reliefweb)
03/10/2021: Three stories of hope: 10 years on from Japan"s triple disaster (The Guardian)
03/10/2021: Disaster preparedness is key, 10 years on from Japan quake and tsunami: UN (reliefweb)
03/07/2021: Tsunami scars linger a decade later in Japan (AP News)
03/04/2021: Tsunami Forecast Model Animation: Japan 2011 (Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (YouTube))
03/01/2021: WSSPC March 2021 Bulletin (WSSPC)
02/28/2021: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - February 2021
02/16/2021: ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning Delivery for the Pacific Northwest (USGS)
02/15/2021: Supercomputer-developed AI predicts tsunami flooding in real-time on a PC (New Atlas)
02/11/2021: Ten years on, economic growth is faltering in disaster-hit areas (The Japan Times)
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07/01/2016: City of Prince Rupert to pursue two grant opportunities for transportation and Tsunami risk assessment
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06/08/2016: 'Cascadia Rising' puts local emergency managers to the test (The Register-Guard)
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06/07/2016: Port Alberni to be site of massive 9.0 earthquake, tsunami disaster drill (Vancouver Sun)
06/06/2016: 20,000 to participate in massive NW earthquake, tsunami drill (Oregonian)
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05/30/2016: June 7: FEMA Will Conduct a Drill to Prepare for a 9.0 Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake and Tsunami (Before It's News)
05/26/2016: Central Oregon Coast Town Practices Emergency with Tsunami Walk (Beach Connection)
05/12/2016: World Tsunami Awareness Day plans rolled out (ReliefWeb)
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03/30/2016: Tsunami Awareness Month" Marks 70th Anniversary of 1946 Event: One of the deadliest tsunamis in Hawaii struck the Big Island and caused widespread damage to the entire state in April of 1946. (BIG ISLAND NOW)
03/29/2016: San Francisco Tests its Digital Public Alert and Warning System (radioresourcemag.com)
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03/27/2016: On This Day 1964: B.C."s tsunami disaster Residents of Port Alberni, B.C., pick up the pieces following 1964"s massive tsunami. (CBC British Columbia)
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03/22/2016: SF"۪s Sea Wall May Offer Little Protection From Pacific As California Marks Deadly Tsunami Anniversary (CBS 5)
03/22/2016: Emergency alert test scheduled for Tsunami Preparedness Week (Santa Monica Daily Press)
03/22/2016: Emergency alert test scheduled for Tsunami Preparedness Week (Santa Monica Daily Press)
03/22/2016: Emergency alert test scheduled for Tsunami Preparedness Week (Santa Monica Daily Press)
03/21/2016: DeFazio kicks off Tsunami Blue Line project (Western World)
03/21/2016: Governor Brown Issues Proclamation Declaring Tsunami Preparedness Week (California Gov)
03/21/2016: Governor Brown Issues Proclamation Declaring Tsunami Preparedness Week (California Gov)
03/19/2016: Tsunami Preparedness Week: Emergency Alert Systems Testing (Humboldt State NOW: Campus News)
03/18/2016: Former Residents of a Fukushima Ghost Town Return Home in Emotional Photo Series (Feature Shoot)
03/18/2016: Former Residents of a Fukushima Ghost Town Return Home in Emotional Photo Series (Feature Shoot)
03/17/2016: Natural Disaster Safety Tips! (Still Growing)
03/17/2016: Japanese tsunami debris: It"۪s not the problem California feared (Times Standard News)
03/17/2016: Natural Disaster Safety Tips! (Still Growing Blog)
03/17/2016: Japanese tsunami debris: It�۪s not the problem California feared (Times Standard News)
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03/12/2016: Five-year anniversary of Santa Cruz Harbor tsunami triggered by Japan earthquake (KION-TV)
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03/09/2016: In Japan, an Incomplete Recovery From the Tsunami (US News & World Report)
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02/19/2016: Seaside students to ask celebrities, politicians: Help move our school from tsunami zone? (Oregonian)
02/19/2016: Campus researchers develop tsunami early-warning system (The Daily Californian)
02/19/2016: Seaside students to ask celebrities, politicians: Help move our school from tsunami zone?
02/17/2016: Newswatch 12 at 6:30
02/17/2016: Seaside students get federal tsunami support (KOIN)
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01/28/2016: Quake, Tsunami Drill Tests Coast Guard | Military.com (Military.com)
01/28/2016: Quake, tsunami drill tests Coast Guard on coast of northwest Oregon (Register Guard)
01/24/2016: Quileute Tribal School competing for federal funds to move school to higher ground (Peninsula Daily News)
01/24/2016: Quileute Tribal School competing for federal funds to move school to higher ground (Peninsula Daily News)
01/23/2016: Tsunami-vulnerable NW towns grapple with how to save lives (KPIC)
01/23/2016: Big quake could cause $30 billion damage to Oregon (KVAL)
01/18/2016: Don"t panic, change in height of ocean waters near Oregon is normal, weather service says (Oregon Live)
10/17/2015: Tsunami Warning Sirens: Effective Or Obsolete? (Kuow)
10/17/2015: Tsunami Warning Sirens: Effective Or Obsolete? (Kuow)
08/19/2015: Ventura could be hit by tsunami in hypothetical 7.7 earthquake, study says (Los Angeles Times)
08/19/2015: Study: Inland Ventura, Oxnard Area Vulnerable To Earthquake-Generated Tsunami (CBS Los Angeles)
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03/22/2014: Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific to host tsunami preparedness event (Press-Telegram (AP))
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03/22/2014: Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific to host tsunami preparedness event (Press-Telegram (AP))
03/21/2014: Crescent City is 1st tsunami-resistant port on West Coast (SFGate)
03/21/2014: Tsunamis remain a threat to Marin much as they did 50 years ago (Marin Independent Journal (AP))
03/21/2014: Vulnerable California Harbors Prepare For Future Tsunamis (CBS San Francisco - CBS Local)
03/21/2014: Crescent City is 1st tsunami-resistant port on West Coast (SFGate)
03/21/2014: California might restrict developments in coastal tsunami zones (Lodi News-Sentinel)
03/21/2014: Tsunamis remain a threat to Marin much as they did 50 years ago (Marin Independent Journal (AP))
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